History of Relief, Inc.

Relief, Inc. was forged from the heart of one woman, Phebe Dennis-Fortt. Phebe, and her husband Ron, created a 501(c)(3) humanitarian non-profit organization in 2003. They also formed a non-governmental organization, NGO, in Liberia with volunteers to help in Liberia, such as doctors and managers.

Phebe was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa. She is the descendant of American slaves, and the niece of one time Liberian President Tolbert. Her family was from Careysburg City. When her uncle, President Tolbert, was assassinated in 1981, Phebe left the country and came to the US. In addition to the assassination of her uncle, the following family members were also killed:

  • Willie A. Dennis, Father. Killed in 1990.
  • Famatta Dennis, Mother. Killed in 1992.
  • Harriet Dennis, Sister. Killed in 2002.

Out of her desire to liberate herself from the Liberian government, a cause was born.

The logo is a visual representation of the mission statement of Relief, Inc. It is the goal to not only liberate Liberians, but individuals around the world who are in bondage and feel as though all hope is lost. Each symbol represents a facet of Relief, Inc. and within this logo, the organization's goal for the future of mankind can be found. With each volunteer, partnership, sponsorship and donation, Relief, Inc. is able to breathe life into those who believe that they have been forgotten. As you look closely at this logo, it tells a story of the heart of Relief, Inc.

The tree represents the knowledge and education to be imparted to those who are willing to learn. You can feed several people for a day, but when you feed their minds, they are fed for a lifetime.

The lion depicts courage. It has been said that fear is the absence of courage. As a team, we are able to build unity and strengthen those who feel weak and encourage them to find inner strength.

The blaze on the mound near the tree symbolizes the intestinal fortitude and burning desire to move away from the past in order to create a brighter future.

The land represents prosperity. Each time a new crop is harvested the women and children find relief in knowing that they will not be hungry and it brings them peace of mind. With each passing day, they will find mental clarity, because they are receiving nourishment. Through the efforts of Relief, Inc. and your financial support, we are able to help them establish an agricultural community.

So many men, women and children are hurting in the world. It is our dream to globally unite all nations and to begin to offer relief to the people by helping them to recognize their social, educational and leadership responsibilities to their community. This is our world view.


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