GROW | Grassroots Resources Optimizing Wellness

Grassroots Resources Optimizing Wellness
Sponsor agricutlture students at the University of Liberia to become volunteers and work with farmers and/or landowners. Relief, Inc. provides tools and seeds to farmers for sustainability.



HOW | Hope On Wheels

Hope On Wheels
Deliver food, clothing, education and medical supplies to war-torn Liberians.



KIS | Kids In School

Kids In School
Sponsor children in schools to help them get the education they need to get ahead.



RILBT | Relief, Inc. Liberia Book Trust

Relief, Inc. Liberia Book Trust
Collect school books and ship to Liberia. By 2011 to reduce the student to textbook ratios from the present ratio of 27 students per book to 9 students per book in public primary and secondary schools respectively.



SHIP | Sending Hope In Packages

Sending Hope In Packages
Shipping clothes, food, books and supplies for survival and then thriving through self-sufficiency.



WINGS | Wellness Investors Now Give Support

Wellness Investors Now Give Support
Recruit volunteer doctors and nurses to go into Liberia to educate and medicate girls and women about STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) prevention. STD's are destroying the future of Liberia. 45 out of 50 women are STD positive. The age group that is being affected is 50% of the Liberian population.
Our goal is the reduction of STD's.



WOW | Women of Worth

Woman Of Worth
Teaching Liberian women self suffecieny. This scholarship helps women learn a trade, to own their own businesses or at least become employed. Relief, Inc. will build a school to create jobs for these women, then they may train other women that will come into the project.