“Phebe is just a good person to work with. She is very resourceful.”
Siaka Konneh, Manager, Sacramento Assessment Center
As posted on LinkedIn, September 11, 2009

"I believe Relief, Inc is a great organization with a worthy cause of feeding, clothing, providing medical supplies, books, etc. to those less fortunate. There is a lot of love in each step; from the receiving of donations to the organizing and shipping of the donations to their destination. All that have a chance to get involved get a dose of the love that is put in each project. I have been involved with this organization for at least 4 years and each time I am in contact with Phebe, I get energized and want to help even more."
Michelle H. from Stockton, CA
As posted on VolunteerMatch, August 7, 2009

My group of 25+ family and friends lauched a WOW (Woman of Worth) Campaign in 2008 to raise funds to send two Liberian sisters to trade schools to be seamstresses. Mrs. Phebe Fortt, CEO of Relief, Inc. was very supportive and worked diligently with us to accomplish our goal of $900. We are looking forward to their graduation this month, July 2009.
Mollye F. from Fairfield, CT
As posted on VolunteerMatch, July 15, 2009

It was a lot of fun volunteering for Phebe. I was surprised that such a great opportunity was available here in Modesto. She offers a wide range of hours to work with during the week. She's a wonderful person to work with (good energy and fun). This is a very worthy cause to get involved in if you are in the central valley and wanting to make a difference!
Alicia P. from Modesto, CA
As posted on VolunteerMatch, June 17, 2009

Joining Liberia Relief Inc is a great thing. You get to experience what it feels like to help others and make a difference. You begin to develop a passion for the cause and you become more dedicated. You can help physically or emotionally. Either way someone will be affected in a positive way and will get the chance to have a blessful life. And the best thing is your work can inspire someone else to join and become dedicated to the cause. If you join the Liberian Relief Inc you will not only feel like a better person but also become a better person. I am a volunteer and I am a better person and I have gained a lot from working with the Liberian Relief Inc.
Tolulope A. from Stockton, CA
As posted on VolunteerMatch, June 17, 2009

Making the decision to join Relief Inc. is an honor because you have become a part of something greater than yourself. Reaching out to help those who cannot help themselves. You begin to transform because of the compassion that builds up in you. You surround your yourself with people who are passionate about what they do. Whether helping Medically, Spiritually, physically, or emotionally,your help will be the reason a child (or family) live to see another day, is able to live a normal life, and can smile again. And most of all, you will begin a chain reaction! So if one joins relief Inc., I promise them they will wake up every morning and thank God for making them a part of a wonderful thing!
Bendu N. from Fairfield, CA
As posted on VolunteerMatch, June 13, 2009

“Phebe Dennis-Fortt has an amazing impact on me. It is her unbroken spirit and devotion that has impressed upon me that we must stay true to who we are as individuals. Her passion for her native home is endearing but also a driving force that empowers many of the volunteers at Relief, Inc. She is highly respected by members in her community. Phebe's willingness to jump right in and to get the job done shows her Leadership Skills. She has been instrumental in my awareness of the suffering of others in war-torn Liberia. Phebe Dennis-Fortt is very dedicated, honest, and has a great sense of humor. She does an excellent job at spear-heading fundraisers for her nonprofit organization and I would highly recommend her.”
Tammy Collins, Owner, Eye 4 Design
As posted on LinkedIn, January 2, 2009


“I've had the pleasure of knowing Phebe for a number of years. She is a woman of great integrity, deep conviction and possesses a limitless amount of love and energy in her concern and care for the regular people of Liberia. I've seen her personally fill crates, solicit funds and needed medical and educational supplies and at the same time raise two boys and be a wife to her incredibly active husband.Phebe demonstrates passion for everything she does and I would urge any able minded individual to join her in whatever endevour she seeks of you to share in.”
Peter Bachner, Principal, Bachner Associates
As posted on LinkedIn, November 30, 2008

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