Needed Items
• Projectors
• Shoes – Children and Adults alike
• Mattresses, Bedding materials, Blankets, etc.
• Medicines:
• Hospital: Bed Sheets, Mattress, New Born Blanket, Baby Clothing.
• Incubators: A hospital apparatus for premature babies,   
• Transportation: Truck, Bicycles, Cars – any motorized means of transportation
• Tractors and Farm Equipment
• Cellular Phones 
• Solar Panels
• Computers (Desktops and Laptops), Fax Machine, Scanner, Copier
• School Supplies: Paper, Pencils, Composition Books, Books
• Office Supplies: File cabinets, Paper, Paper cutters, Receipt books Petty Cash Box,
• Carpentry Tools: Hammers, Saws, etc.,
• Building Materials: including Lumber, Zinc, Paint, Nails, etc.
• Industrial Sewing Machines: 6-8
• Tailoring Materials: (6) including Textiles, Needles & Thread, etc.
• Industrial Tools: Wrenches, Driver Sets, etc., to assist with
   the repairs of cars and motorbikes - Television and VCR
• Non Perishable Food: (Rice, Beans, Canned Meat)
• Arts-N-Crafts: Wood stain, carving tools


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